Monday, October 22, 2001

Welcome to Maddy's new blog! I decided to start here, since I don't really have time to update her web site on a regular basis. Besides, the web site seems to always be down. I'll leave it up, but for now all updates will happen here instead.

Maddy is doing pretty well right now. She has had the usual battles with ear infections and upper respiratory infections this fall, plus a really nasty bout of flu. She's on antibiotics right now, which means that she has a really bad rash on her bum, stinky gas, and general crankiness. Poor baby. I kept her home from school again today because her bottom is actually *bleeding*. I know this is normal for her, especially when she's on antibiotics, but it doesn't make it any less unnerving when you open your child's diaper and find blood spots.

Maddy will turn five years old on November 22! We're planning on redecorating her room for her birthday. Right now, she still sleeps in a crib. Nana and Grandpa bought her a toddler bed for her birthday (shhhh! She doesn't know about it yet!) and Mom and Daddy will be painting in a couple of weeks. We're also moving furniture and changing the decor (from "nursery/farm" to "little girl"). Should be really cute...Nana is making curtains and comforter for the new bed. I really want to put up a chair rail and build some shelves, but I'm not sure we have time (or the financial resources) to complete all the projects at once. We'll probably pull the room together slowly over the next few months.

Time to get back to work! Thanks for stopping by. I'll update again soon.

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